About our Garments

Production / Material & Fur

We create comfortable, made to fit, and very warm garments with careful reflection of the different climate and environments of the north and south: fabric types, patterns, stitching, and designing. We ensure superior quality in the production of each piece, using ethical and economically sourced materials. 
Our parkas are lined with 8oz. to 10oz. PrimaLoft, a synthetic insulation that provides maximum warmth, soft flexibility and durability. A built in radientex layer reflects heat and absorbs moisture providing extra. The outer layer is made with Arctica, a commonly used type of fabric that’s breathable and waterproof; made with 70% polyester and 30% cotton. Various colours are used in each collection. Zippers used are plastic or metal types, depending on the garment. Elastic cuffs are also used for extra comfort and warmth in our winter collections. 

The traditional fur finish provides maximum comfort and warmth in cold temperatures and gives the garment a stunning look. Our furs are obtained from an ethical and environmentally friendly Canadian fur and leather house. We take high importance in using furs that sustain moral usage and production of fox furs.